Strategic & Financial Markets Advisory  


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Advisory Services provided by REVL Solutions LLC  

REVL Solutions professionals have exceptional depth and practice-based experience across several industry sectors and geographies. We combine our proven expertise with cutting-edge technology to deliver rigorous analytical solutions characterized by innovation and creativity. REVL Solutions’ specialized expertise is founded on many years-long experience in quantitative credit knowledge complemented by fundamental analysis. With a diverse client base, we are able to leverage our broad market exposure to identify value opportunities and to transform existing challenges into competitive advantages.


Strategic & Financial Markets AdvisoryServices  

Complex Asset Valuation & Pricing

Pricing functions for easy and transparent valuations of complex assets.

Cashflow Modeling & Data Warehousing

Providing effective solutions by using market data to develop models for financial analysis.

Credit Modeling & Interest Rate Risk Management

Developing quantitative systems and robust tools for clients to model and manage their credit risk.

Strategic Consulting

Assisting clients with strategic decisions that enable them to capitalize on value opportunities and competitive advantages.

Strategic & Financial Markets AdvisoryClients  

Private & Public Sector Financial Institutions


Asset Management Firms




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